Unhappy With Your Body After Pregnancy? Learn More About the Mommy Makeover

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Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child-rearing take a lot out of you both mentally and physically, and whether it's your first child or your fourth, you deserve to feel great about your body. After all, you're the one who lives in your skin, and let's face it, drooping, sagging, and pockets of hard-to-lose fat impact your confidence and feelings of attractiveness.

A Mommy Makeover refers to a group of procedures that mothers often receive after pregnancy to restore their body after nine-and-a-half months of selfless care for another life. Let's explore what procedures you might consider for your own Mommy Makeover.

Breast augmentation

First of all, remember each Mommy Makeover is unique because this is about you and what you want. One mommy might choose two to three procedures that she finds important and another may want to undergo a complete transformation. A breast augmentation surgery restores and enhances beast fullness and volume after pregnancy. If a rounder, fuller chest is among your postpartum goals, definitely add a breast augmentation to your personalized Mommy Makeover plan. 

Breast lift

Are you dealing with sagging breasts after weaning? Consider combining a breast lift with breast augmentation to get the look you desire. You might also consider combining a breast lift along with fat grafting to the breast for those women who only need volume replacement for the upper half of the breast.  The other benefit of the fat grafting procedure is the benefit of improved body contouring achieved via liposuction which is done to obtain the fat.


Often, unwanted excess fat after pregnancy just won't budge. It may be all over, or maybe you just have a few really stubborn areas on the belly, hips, flanks, or thighs. 

Dr. Diktaban offers:

Tummy tuck

Even if you've lost significant weight and have a relatively flat tummy after pregnancy, loose and irregular skin can leave you generally dissatisfied with the appearance of your abdomen, especially when wearing a swimsuit. Nothing really works to restore skin that has become this distorted except a tummy tuck, which re-contours your belly, restoring tone and general appearance.

Butt lift

Similar to a tummy tuck, a butt lift restores the tone of your behind after pregnancy so you can be proud to show off your perfectly sculpted butt. In this procedure, a narrow portion of the skin may be removed from your lower back in order to tighten the skin below. A butt lift alone won't add volume to the rear, but you can get a Brazilian Butt Lift in which fat is removed from other locations in the body and transferred to the butt, where Dr. Diktaban shapes your rear end into a rounder, more symmetrical posterior.

What to expect with a full Mommy Makeover

You get out of a Mommy Makeover exactly what you put into it, so if you go all-in with all five major Body After Baby procedures with Dr. Theodore Diktaban, plan to be transformed. Regardless of what your body goals are and what you choose, expect to be very pleased with the results. As with any surgical procedure, anticipate some swelling, bruising, and, in some cases, pain, which can be well-managed with prescription painkillers. Aside from SculpSure which requires no downtime, other procedures in the Mommy Makeover may require one to three weeks of limited activity while the body heals.

If you're unhappy with your after-pregnancy body, know that you have options, and a Mommy Makeover may be just what you need to get your confidence and pre-baby body back. Contact the office to schedule a consultation.

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