A rhinoplasty surgery can be performed on those who usually are 16 years of age with the consent of a parent or guardian. Normally, if a rhinoplasty is performed on a younger patient it is because of a history of facial trauma, congenital deformities, self-esteem issues about their nasal appearance and a problem with nasal breathing.

How a Rhinoplasty Is Performed

Teenage rhinoplasties have a few different methods.  The surgical options are referred to as open, closed or the new preservation rhinoplasty technique.  The nonsurgical option is known as the liquid rhinoplasty which is a temporary option that could also be considered.  It’s important to check with a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Diktaban to see which one is the right one for you.  Dr. Diktaban developed and trademarked the VAPOR Nose Technique which allows incremental removal and lowering of the nasal hump or bump.  Please refer yourself to the website for more information and the photo gallery:  www.drdiktaban.com

When using the open approach, the incision will be made below the tip of the nose at the columella. Then, the nasal skin will be peeled back meticulously and carefully. Once the nasal flap is raised off of the nose, the reconstructive work to alter the form and function of the nose can begin. When the procedure is done, the flap is replaced back over the completed new framework of the nose.  The incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures and the nose will be secured by applying a splint for healing.  Dr. Diktaban does not resort to nasal packing which allows for immediate breathing through the nose.  In addition, the absence of nasal packing makes for a much more comfortable recovery and there is no need to remove anything from the inside of the nose.  

During the closed approach, the incisions are made only on the inside of the nose.  This eliminates a scar on the columella.  Not many surgeons are experienced in performing closed rhinoplasty. It is important to find a surgeon who is experienced in performing both the open and closed techniques.  Once the procedure is completed to alter the form and function of the nasal framework, the incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures along with a splint on the outside of the nose.  As in the open approach, Dr. Diktaban does not resort to nasal packing in the closed approach which affords the same benefits.

The ultimate end result of a teenage rhinoplasty is to change how the nose looks and to correct any breathing problems, thus empowering the individual and giving them a boost in confidence.

Important Recovery Information

Normal recovery effects include bruising around both eyes, swelling, and numb lips and teeth. These symptoms usually go away within a week or two. It will take about a month for a good amount of the nasal swelling to resolve itself.  The overall healing will take around one to one and a half years. You can apply makeup as soon as the cast is removed and the surgeon instructs you that you nasal skin is ready for makeup. You can go back to your normal activities as instructed by your surgeon.  Strenuous activities will require more time before to resume.

Who Is Rhinoplasty For?

The perfect candidate is a healthy teenager at least 16 years of age who has breathing and/or cosmetic issues with their nose.  Of course, the consent of their parents is necessary. 

Who Should Not Have a Rhinoplasty?

A teenage rhinoplasty isn’t recommended for those who have immature facial growth and need more time for facial growth or who aren’t psychologically ready for the changes to come.

Those who have rhinoplasties performed as a teenager often have them done during school breaks and also  during summer recess.  If this is appealing to you then please schedule a consultation with Dr. Diktaban to start your rhinoplasty journey today!

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