Non-Surgical Body Contouring

So you’ve put in the work and lost the weight. Congratulations! Whittling your way down to your ideal body can be difficult and require a lot of hard work. Even with the best diet and exercise plans, however, it can be disappointing to find that you still have pockets of stubborn fat and loose skin. Although liposuction has always been the gold standard for body contouring, it’s normal to prefer less invasive options so you can get right back to your new healthy lifestyle. That’s why BodyTite® is one of your best options for putting the finishing touches on your new body.


What is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that can produce transformative results without extensive downtime or scarring. It uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology to liquefy fat, tighten skin, and coagulate blood vessels for reduced bruising. Using a tiny incision and specialized handpiece with both internal and external sensors, this technique generates gentle heat for complete treatment of the area. The result is firmer, more contoured skin and a reduction in stubborn fat for overall improvement in your favorite areas.

BodyTite Candidates

Patients who can benefit most from BodyTite are those who are looking to enhance their body profile and contours. Patients who are already undergoing liposuction to get rid of fatty bulges and have compromised skin tone are excellent candidates for BodyTite to enhance skin contraction. To get the best results out of BodyTite, it’s important that your skin has sufficient elasticity and firmness so that it will respond to treatment. If it’s too loose or stretched, you may need to consider a surgical procedure to remove the excess loose skin. As with any procedure, you should be near your ideal body weight, in good health overall, and have a stable weight that won’t fluctuate in the future. This means you should establish healthy habits beforehand so that you can maintain your great results with an effective diet and exercise regimen.

What Happens During BodyTite?

BodyTite can be performed with a local tumescent anesthetic at our certified, on-site facility. Tumescent anesthesia combines local anesthesia with epinephrine to reduce bleeding and lidocaine to numb the area. Once the tumescent solution is injected into the treatment area, the specialized handpiece is inserted through a tiny incision. This handpiece allows for close monitoring of the generated heat so that you get precise treatment. After melting the fat and heating the connective tissue structures in the skin, the area is then contoured with liposuction sculpting techniques. Once your ideal results are achieved, the area is made ready for recovery and you can return home.

Results and Recovery

You should expect to give yourself a few days away from work and strenuous activities, but your recovery period will be drastically less than a liposuction procedure. You’ll be fitted with a compression garment for your treatment area which you should wear according to Dr. Diktaban’s instructions. You can expect some swelling and discomfort which can be managed with prescribed medications. Swelling can take a few weeks or more to fully subside, but your results will gradually emerge. Since BodyTite only requires a tiny incision, there is virtually no visible scarring. Most patients require only a single treatment with BodyTite for toned, refined contours and a reduction in stubborn fat.


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Cocktail Anesthesia

Cocktail anesthesia is Dr. Diktaban’s preferred tool for ensuring your procedure is relaxing and low-risk. Dr. Diktaban has used cocktail anesthesia for surgical procedures for over 10 years with resounding success. Patients are safe and comfortable during the entire procedure. It is predictable and consistent for men and women of all ages. There are no IVs or any tubes down your nose or throat. Patients describe the experience as “floating comfortably”. Patients are even allowed and instructed to have a light breakfast before coming to the office for their procedure. The cocktail anesthesia entails the ingestion of a few pills followed by two medicine injections into the arm. One big advantage with cocktail anesthesia is that during body contouring procedures, the patients are able to turn their body into different positions that enables Dr. Diktaban to sculpt their bodies in an enhanced manner. The following list of procedures can be performed under cocktail anesthesia: browlifts, facelifts, eyelid lifts, necklifts, liposuction, BBLs (buttock enlargement), fat transfer to the breasts, breast lifts, FaceTite, AccuTite, and BodyTite.  Learn more about how cocktail anesthesia can transform your surgical experience during your consultation.

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BodyTite can be an excellent alternative to liposuction when you want to refine your weight loss results and improve your favorite areas. To learn more about your options for body contouring, contact our Manhattan office by calling or filling out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can be treated with BodyTite?

BodyTite can be an effective option for virtually any area that experiences excess fat and loose skin. However, some of the most common treatment areas are as follows:n- Arms (bat wings)n- Hips (love handles)n- Stomachn- Knees and thighsn- Chest (gynecomastia and male breast reduction)n- Back

How long does it take to see results?

Most patients begin to see their final results from BodyTite emerge within 6-12 weeks. However, this can depend on factors like your rate of recovery and how closely you follow Dr. Diktaban’s aftercare instructions.

Can BodyTite treat cellulite?

Cellulite is famously difficult to reduce even with professional treatments because it’s a natural product of the way the female body stores fat and the skin’s anatomy. If cellulite is a concern, Dr. Diktaban can assess whether BodyTite will be an effective option or if you should explore other cellulite treatment options.

Does BodyTite leave visible scarring?

BodyTite requires only a tiny incision to be effective, meaning any scars will be small and easily concealable. Dr. Diktaban can also ensure the incisions are made where clothing will cover them or within natural skin creases. During your recovery, you can use silicone scar treatments to prevent scars from developing or even opt for professional skincare treatments after your recovery.

Is BodyTite a laser?

BodyTite is a radiofrequency form of energy that generates heat to melt fat and aid in skin contraction with a shrink wrap effect. Collagen production is increased to thicken the skin.

Does BodyTite have any safety features?

BodyTite has two key safety features which includes simultaneous monitoring of internal and skin temperature with automatic cutoffs when the desired temperature is attained. No other device can monitor both the internal and external temperature in one handpiece.

Does BodyTite add more time to a traditional liposuction procedure?

BodyTite will add more time to the liposuction procedure. However, there is the added benefit of fat melting and skin contraction to enhance the body contouring result.

How long do BodyTite results last?

Results can last up to a year or longer, as long as the patient takes care of their body and follows a regular diet and exercise program.

Can you have more than one BodyTite treatment?

Yes, patients can undergo multiple BodyTite treatments. It is ideal to wait a year in between treatments to fully assess results.

Can BodyTite be performed at the same time as Liposuction?

Most commonly, BodyTite is performed at the same time of Liposuction. It can be performed as a stand alone procedure too.

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