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Sometimes, the neck is one of the first areas to become subject to aging. Even though you’re happy with your facial appearance, a “turkey neck” can take away from your confidence and leave you feeling like turtlenecks and scarves are the only options. Fortunately, you can transform your jawline without the need for significant downtime or hassle. At our state-of-the-art Manhattan office, we offer suture suspension neck lift treatments so you can enjoy your best look yet.


What is a Suture Suspension Neck Lift?

A suture suspension neck lift is a mini-surgery option for both men and women looking for a better neckline contour. It’s also called a mini neck lift or “neck sling” procedure because a suture is used to create a sling underneath the skin. This extends from the neck to the area behind the ears in order to elevate the neck and diminish the appearance of sagging. The suture can be tightened or removed at any time in the future. There is minimal scarring and a very quick recovery, especially when compared with traditional neck lift procedure.

Suture Suspension Neck Lift Candidates

Healthy men and women with mild neck sagging are great candidates for a suture suspension neck lift. It can be a great alternative to a traditional neck lift procedure, especially if you want to avoid a more invasive surgery. It’s important to understand that this procedure isn’t for everyone, though. If you have significant neck aging with lots of excess fat and skin, you may need to consider a traditional facelift or neck lift procedure. If that’s the case, Dr. Diktaban can recommend a more complete plastic surgery plan for your needs. It’s also important that, as with any plastic surgery procedure, you have realistic expectations for your results.

What Happens During a Suture Suspension Neck Lift?

Dr. Diktaban can perform neck suture suspension procedures at our Manhattan cosmetic surgery practice in a fully accredited operating room. A neck suture suspension procedure typically takes one to two hours. If you are not combining this procedure with any other popular cosmetic surgery option, such as rhinoplasty or eyelid lift, for example, it’s likely that local anesthesia will be the right option to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Once you’re ready, Dr. Diktaban will make small incisions under the chin. Extra fat under the chin, jaw, and neck is removed with a tiny cannula and surgical vacuum. Then, small incisions are made behind each ear. This allows for the muscle bands in front of the neck to be tightened. Then, a suture is run through a tunnel under the skin of the neck up to the incisions behind the ear, where they are tied down. The effect is a lifting of the platysmal bands of the neck, eliminating the sagging skin and creating a better contour. Once the appropriate amount of lift is accomplished, the small incisions are closed with absorbable sutures and bandages are placed for your recovery.


Dr. D was kind, efficient, professional, understanding and allowed me to give myself a gift that will last for the rest of my life.- Meg”

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Results and Recovery

You’ll have some bruising and swelling following your procedure for about 3-5 days. Dr. Diktaban will provide some aftercare instructions to follow, including wearing a chinstrap to bed for approximately 2-4 weeks. Most patients find that ice packs and over-the-counter painkillers are enough to manage any discomfort and swelling. If you have a neck suspension performed on a Thursday, for example, you’ll likely feel well enough to return to work on Monday; but, some patients don’t feel comfortable returning to work if they have a physical job or don’t want to return to public yet. Overall, it can still take a few weeks for your final results to settle in as swelling subsides and your new contours emerge. The result is a lifted, more youthful neckline without the extensive downtime of a surgical neck lift procedure.

Cocktail Anesthesia

Cocktail anesthesia is Dr. Diktaban’s preferred tool for ensuring your procedure is relaxing and low-risk. Dr. Diktaban has used cocktail anesthesia for surgical procedures for over 10 years with resounding success. Patients are safe and comfortable during the entire procedure. It is predictable and consistent for men and women of all ages. There are no IVs or any tubes down your nose or throat. Patients describe the experience as “floating comfortably”. Patients are even allowed and instructed to have a light breakfast before coming to the office for their procedure. The cocktail anesthesia entails the ingestion of a few pills followed by two medicine injections into the arm. One big advantage with cocktail anesthesia is that during body contouring procedures, the patients are able to turn their body into different positions that enables Dr. Diktaban to sculpt their bodies in an enhanced manner. The following list of procedures can be performed under cocktail anesthesia: browlifts, facelifts, eyelid lifts, necklifts, liposuction, BBLs (buttock enlargement), fat transfer to the breasts, breast lifts, FaceTite, AccuTite, and BodyTite.  Learn more about how cocktail anesthesia can transform your surgical experience during your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mini neck lift last?

In most patients, a suture suspension neck lift can last for between 2 and 5 years. However, this can depend on many different factors like your skincare regimen and natural rate of aging.

Does microneedling help a sagging neck?

Microneedling options like Morpheus8 can be an excellent accompaniment to a suture suspension neck lift procedure, and can even help maintain your results. During your private consultation, Dr. Diktaban can create a well-rounded plan for you and your goals.

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