Breast Reduction

While many women dream about having larger breasts, women who already have overly-large breasts can struggle to feel comfortable in their body and enjoy an active lifestyle. The reality is that large breasts can cause health concerns and symptoms, meaning a breast reduction procedure can greatly improve your quality of life and health if you have very large breasts. Breast reduction comes with one of the highest rates of satisfaction out of any cosmetic surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is sometimes called reduction mammaplasty and its goal is to reduce the size of the breasts through surgical excision. The result is breasts that are more proportional to your body and comfortable from day to day, which can improve both physical and emotional symptoms. Many times, a breast lift is performed in tandem with a breast reduction in order to remove excess skin and restore the breasts to a more upright position.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Women who benefit most from a breast reduction are those who have breasts that are overly large and disproportional to the rest of their body. Many times, breast reduction candidates experience pain and discomfort in areas like the neck, back, or shoulders from carrying the extra weight. This can sometimes come with health concerns like poor posture, chronic pain, skin problems from chafing, sedentary lifestyle, and even trouble breathing.

In order to get the best results out of a breast reduction procedure, you should be at a place in life where your breasts will not continue to change because of factors like pregnancy or hormone changes. You should also be healthy enough to undergo an invasive surgery.

What Happens During Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia at our in-house, certified surgical facility. The procedure begins with a predetermined incision, which can include a combination of incisions around the areolae, down to the breast crease, or within the inframammary fold. Sometimes, liposuction can be enough to reduce the size of the breasts on its own, but most often some surgical techniques are required. This means that excess fat and skin are removed, and a breast lift may be performed to restore the breasts to a more upright position. Once your ideal breast size is achieved, your incisions are closed and made ready for recovery.

Results and Recovery

Breast reduction recovery can take several weeks in total, but you should count on taking at least one week away from work and regular activities. During this time, you should make sure to rest and avoid strenuous activities and lifting your arms over your head. You can expect some discomfort which can be managed with prescribed medications. It can take a few weeks before most swelling subsides and you feel comfortable returning to light activities. After your full recovery, you can enjoy easier exercise, better-fitting clothing, and an overall improvement in your comfort and mobility.


Dr. D was kind, efficient, professional, understanding and allowed me to give myself a gift that will last for the rest of my life.- Meg”

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Breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure for the many women looking to improve their lifestyle and confidence. To learn more about your options for breast surgery and how Dr. Diktaban can help, contact our Manhattan office by calling or filling out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance pay for breast reduction?

Because it can have medical benefits, breast reduction is one of the rare plastic surgery procedures that is sometimes covered by major insurance providers. However, this can vary from policy to policy, so we encourage each patient to check with their representatives to discuss their options ahead of their consultation.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction?

Having a breast reduction does not inherently mean that you won’t be able to breastfeed. Although getting pregnant after a breast reduction procedure can negatively affect your results, it’s important to discuss your future plans for breastfeeding with Dr. Diktaban during your consultation. That way, Dr. Diktaban can opt for an incision pattern that has a lesser chance of disrupting your breastfeeding ability.

What's the difference between a breast lift and breast reduction?

Breast reduction aims to reduce the size of the breasts through surgical excision while a breast lift aims to rejuvenate sagging breasts and lift them to a more youthful position. Many women benefit from a combination procedure of these two options since it’s common for women with overly-large breasts to also have excess skin left over. A breast lift can also reposition the nipples and areolae if they point downward.

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