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Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS

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Rhinoplasty procedures can help balance your features and improve your profile. In his Upper East Side practice, Dr. Theodore Diktaban provides his rhinoplasty patients with expert care. Dr. Diktaban is one of New York's top plastic surgeons and uses advanced surgical techniques to produce beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Diktaban is specially trained to use the innovative VAPOR NOSE technology to remove nasal humps without additional scarring. To learn more about how you can achieve your perfect nose, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Vapor Nose Q & A


Many people have an unwanted hump on their nose that affects their profile. If you've decided to have a rhinoplasty procedure, you may wish to have this hump reduced or reshaped during your surgery. VAPOR (Vaporized Assisted Profile Option Reduction) NOSE is a surgical technique that can you help achieve this goal.


During your rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Diktaban may use VAPOR NOSE to reshape your nasal cartilage. The VAPOR NOSE handheld device delivers a radiofrequency current to the cartilage in your nose. This current allows your surgeon to make precise adjustments to cartilage size and shape.

What are the advantages of this technique?

Radiofrequency technology allows Dr. Diktaban to perform surgery with unmatched precision. Many patients seeking rhinoplasty worry that their results may be too extreme or unnatural. But VAPOR NOSE helps Dr. Diktaban avoid over-reduction of the nasal cartilage.


VAPOR NOSE doesn't damage the nasal tissues, lengthen your recovery time, or affect your ability to receive anesthesia during surgery. The technology also has no negative effects on your breathing or the structure of your sinuses.

Can any plastic surgeon use VAPOR NOSE?

Not all plastic surgeons are equipped to use VAPOR NOSE technology. If you wish to receive VAPOR NOSE during your rhinoplasty, you need to select a surgeon who has access to the appropriate instruments and understands how to use them.


Dr. Diktaban is a highly qualified plastic surgeon who regularly uses VAPOR NOSE technology in his practice. As a board-certified ENT, he has exceptional expertise in nasal surgery and rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Diktaban uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques such as VAPOR NOSE to safely produce natural-looking results.

What results can I expect?

Using VAPOR NOSE technology, Dr. Diktaban can remove tiny amounts of cartilage at a time until he's fully satisfied with the results. With VAPOR NOSE, there's less risk of an "over-scooped" or exaggerated result. Dr. Diktaban can then produce discreet, natural-looking improvements to your nasal profile.


VAPOR NOSE doesn't leave any additional scars. The radiofrequency technology only affects the nasal cartilage. The rest of your rhinoplasty procedure proceeds normally, with no extra bleeding, bruising, or pain.


Ready to learn more about how VAPOR NOSE can improve your profile? Call Dr. Diktaban's office today or book an appointment online.

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