If you’ve made the decision to have Dr. Diktaban do liposuction surgery to remove your unwanted fat, then you’ve made a great choice. Liposuction surgery is a less invasive way to permanently remove fat on any part of your body that won’t respond to exercise. Whether you’re having a small or large area of your body worked on by Dr. Diktaban, it’s important to take the time to prepare for this exciting next step in your life.

Prepare Your Body for Surgery

You’ll want your body to be as healthy as possible before your liposuction removal. That means eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables plus staying hydrated though out the day. It’s important to build up your immune system so you’ll have a fast recovery. Start replacing sugar-laden or salty snacks with healthier options like low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit or nuts.

Manage Your Weight

One thing to realize about liposuction surgery is that if you gain weight after the surgery, then you’ll likely have to come back for another one. Liposuction has never been a replacement for losing weight through exercise, a healthy diet, and portion control. It’s important that your weight remains stable after your liposuction surgery so you can enjoy your results for years to come.

Break Your Smoking Habit

It’s imperative for your healing process to stop smoking before your liposuction surgery. Smoking stops your blood from getting the oxygen it needs to help circulate your blood and promote healing. If you need help with a smoking cessation program, then ask our helpful medical staff.

Stop Taking Certain Medications

Dr. Diktaban will advise you regarding which medications should be temporarily discontinued before your liposuction procedure. Certain prescriptions and over the counter medications can thin your blood and keep it from clotting. We will help you find alternatives to your prescription medication if necessary.

Buy Aftercare Items

Once your liposuction surgery has been completed and you’re ready to rest at home, there are some items that you’ll want to have on hand. These include a thermometer, antibiotic ointment, ice pack, gauze, pain relievers, and skin moisturizer. We’ll give you a complete list before your procedure of what you’ll need.

Prepare Your Recovery Space

Depending on the extent of your liposuction surgery, you may be resting for 3 -5 days while you heal. It will be important to have everything you need close at hand while you rest. You’ll want items to help keep you comfortable, like food, water, and blankets. You’ll want your smartphone, reading material and your laptop to keep you busy.  You will even be able to catch up by watching movies, miniseries and television shows.

Liposuction surgery is a safe procedure that can help give you the body you’ve always wanted. Dr. Diktaban has years of experience, and he will give peace of mind because he has your best interest in mind when it comes to performing superior plastic surgery.

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at THEODORE DIKTABAN, MD, FACS | + posts

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD FACS, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience, specializes in safe and subtle cosmetic treatments, enhancing natural beauty and boosting self-confidence in the Upper East Side and New York City.

Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS
Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

For over 35 years, Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS, has made it his life's work to enhance the natural beauty of his patients in the Upper East Side and surrounding areas of New York City. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Diktaban provides the ideal blend of realistic, aesthetic, and safe cosmetic treatments and procedures.

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