Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “nose job”, is a procedure done to change the shape of the nose. This can be done for cosmetic purposes alone, or to help correct a breathing problem. Rhinoplasty can change the bone, skin, cartilage, or all three, to change the shape, size, or proportions of the nose.

Many people choose to undergo rhinoplasty as a way to empower themselves by feeling more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Rhinoplasty is a great way to feel the confidence of a new you while still looking like yourself.

With that being said, there are some common misconceptions about rhinoplasty that might make someone think twice about whether or not the procedure is right for them. Here at Dr. Diktaban we are debunking these myths and helping patients realize the potential of our amazing treatments.

Rhinoplasty Always Looks Fake.

Just because you are surgically altering the way your nose looks, does not mean it will always look fake.  Rhinoplasty is meant to complement your facial features and blend in with the overall symmetry of your face. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Theodore Diktaban, your new nose should look and feel more like the one you were always meant to have!

Rhinoplasty Affects Your Breathing.

When done correctly, rhinoplasty does not make it more difficult to breathe. In fact, some rhinoplasty procedures are done for the main purpose of improving the breathing of a patient. For the first few weeks after surgery, the swelling may make it more difficult to breathe through your nose, but this should improve as you heal.

Rhinoplasty Lets Me Pick Any Nose I Want.

Rhinoplasty is an incredible way to empower yourself. For the best results, surgeons will always recommend a shape that matches your face and its features. Just because you want a specific nose, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one for you. A nose that doesn’t fit the patient’s face can end up looking fake, so being able to choose whatever nose you want is not always the truth.

Only Women Get Rhinoplasty.

Women are not the only ones with noses, so women are not the only ones who look to rhinoplasty to change the shape of their noses. According to 2020 statistical findings from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 18% of all rhinoplasty procedures were for men. The office of Dr. Diktaban knows that the confidence and empowerment gained from rhinoplasty is not specific to one gender. Anyone, no matter how they identify, can benefit from a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is Painful.

Just like with any surgical procedure, there will be some discomfort immediately following the operation. According to the Mayo Clinic, most patients rate their pain between a 0 and 4 one day out from the surgery. The mild to moderate discomfort can be controlled with medication and ice packs, although it’s important not to press down too hard on the nose in order to maintain its new shape. This pain and discomfort should go away after about a week but can vary from patient to patient.

Any Plastic Surgeon Can Do a Rhinoplasty.

You wouldn’t let any random person cut your hair, so why would any plastic surgeon be able to perform your rhinoplasty? Even though rhinoplasty is a relatively common procedure, it is still something that should only be done by a highly skilled and professional doctor. Dr. Theodore Diktaban has over 35 years of experience as a plastic surgeon. Providing realistic results and safe treatments to his patients are his number one priorities.

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Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD FACS, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience, specializes in safe and subtle cosmetic treatments, enhancing natural beauty and boosting self-confidence in the Upper East Side and New York City.

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For over 35 years, Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS, has made it his life's work to enhance the natural beauty of his patients in the Upper East Side and surrounding areas of New York City. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Diktaban provides the ideal blend of realistic, aesthetic, and safe cosmetic treatments and procedures.

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