While motherhood brings an unexplainable amount of joy, it also comes with its fair share of frustrations. However, changes in your body don’t have to be one of those frustrations. Today, it’s not a surprise that you’ll find a new mom looking in shape just a few months after bearing a child. Mommy makeovers are growing in popularity, owing to their quick problem-solving powers. However, even with this growing trend, a significant population of women is still skeptical about going under the scalpel to redeem their lean selves. Dr. Theodore Diktaban will help you understand everything you need to know about a mommy makeover.

Have realistic expectations

Approaching mommy makeovers with realistic expectations saves you a lot of heartaches. Due to the stress and drastic changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth, you cannot expect your body to snap back into its pre-pregnancy state. Experts recommend waiting it out for about six months before choosing to schedule a mommy makeover. All these changes on your body immediately after stressing it for nine months can be detrimental to your health and the mommy makeover results.

You should have the procedure when you are near your ideal weight

You don’t want to keep frequenting the plastic surgeon’s office for additional surgeries to fix your skin and shape after your mommy makeover. With drastic weight changes, your skin is bound to stretch and become loose, even after reaching the mommy makeover results. Consider working on getting close to your ideal, healthy weight after childbirth for the best results.

Exercise and a proper diet are paramount

How do some women get to proper shape just a few months after childbirth? They say you can never outrun a bad diet. Mommy makeover procedures become a little more straightforward where there are minimal changes to be made. Exercising and proper nutrition will help you prevent the accumulation of fat and maintain your skin elasticity. Moreover, you will need to pay attention to what you eat after a mommy makeover to maintain the shaped-up results.

Mommy makeovers are a combination of various procedures

Mommy makeovers vary from one woman to another, depending on what you wish to change. In most cases, they revolve around tummy tuck procedures that aim at reconstructing the abdominal muscles and stretched skin that come about during pregnancy. In addition, it’s common to address changes in the breasts through breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of these procedures. Liposuction can also be utilized to remove stubborn unwanted fat.

Nonsurgical mommy makeover options

While most mommy makeovers are surgical procedures, Dr. Diktaban also offers nonsurgical options to tighten the skin and contour the body after pregnancy. These options include Bodytite, which uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to reduce fat, and Morpheus 8, which tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production through radiofrequency technology. While these options aren’t suitable for more drastic changes, they are great options for those seeking subtle tweaks with a shorter recovery period.

Mommy makeovers require downtime

Minimally invasive and nonsurgical mommy makeover options have the benefit of reduced overall downtime and a shorter recovery period. However, for traditional, surgical mommy makeover, you should expect some downtime. You will need at least two weeks off to recover and heal before resuming normal routines. Avoid physical activities and vigorous exercises for about a month. Your surgeon will help you with expert after-care tips to heal well and get in shape quickly.

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Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at THEODORE DIKTABAN, MD, FACS

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD FACS, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience, specializes in safe and subtle cosmetic treatments, enhancing natural beauty and boosting self-confidence in the Upper East Side and New York City.

Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS
Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

For over 35 years, Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS, has made it his life's work to enhance the natural beauty of his patients in the Upper East Side and surrounding areas of New York City. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Diktaban provides the ideal blend of realistic, aesthetic, and safe cosmetic treatments and procedures.

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