Are breast implants under warranty?

All 3 manufacturers approved to sell breast implants in the United States warranty them. It is important to keep the identification card that comes with your implant (serial number).

Can I move my arms after breast augmentation?

You can gently and smoothly move your arms after breast augmentation surgery but avoid heavy lifting and quick exaggerated movements.

Can breast implants cause pain years later?

It is unlikely for breast implants to cause pain years later. If pain develops years later then it behooves you to be evaluated by a doctor.

Can you breast feed after breast augmentation

You should be able to breast feed after breast augmentation. The implant is not placed into the breast tissue. It is placed beneath your breast tissue or beneath your chest muscle.

Do breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

There are allegations that implants cause autoimmune diseases but statistics do not bear that out.

Do breasts sag after breast augmentation?

Breasts can sag over time because of breast/soft tissue related changes secondary to hormonal levels, age, weight loss, weight gain and the onset of different diseases.

How do I know if my breast implant is leaking?

Anyone with breast implants needs to periodically be evaluated to assess the integrity of the implant. That can be done with the following tests of the breasts: ultrasound, mammogram and MRI.

How do you know if you have capsular contracture?

The body forms a capsule around the implant that contracts or tightens around the implant resulting in a firmer feel to the touch.

Is getting a breast augmentation worth it?

Breast augmentation surgery enhances a woman's bodily proportion that enhances beauty and confidence.

Is there an alternative to breast implants?

Fat transfer to the breasts is a very good alternative to enhance a woman's breast size with the added benefit of shaping her body with liposuction.

Can fat be transferred to breasts?

Fat transfer to the breast is a suitable option to enhance a woman's breast size with the added benefit of shaping her body with liposuction used to harvest the fat.

Does getting breast implants make you gain weight?

The only weight gain attributed to breast implants is from the actual weight of the implant. If one gains additional weight then other issues need to be addressed.

Does insurance cover breast implants?

Implants for strictly cosmetic reasons will not be covered by insurance. Implants for reconstructive reasons can be covered by insurance but one needs to check with their insurance company.

How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

In general, implants placed beneath the breast are less painful then implants placed beneath the chest muscle. It is the release of the chest muscle that results in more discomfort or pain.

How do I prepare for breast implants?

There are several ways to prepare for breast implant surgery. Every surgeon has their own preparatory regimen that you should follow.

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